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This is what client success looks like

Hope Channel: Mobile App Analytics

Services: Analytics Strategy, Mobile App Analytics Implementation, Dashboard Creation

Hope Channel was planning to launch their latest OTT (Over the Top) media app across 6 different platforms including Roku, iOS, and Android. In order to understand user adoption and behavior, they engaged with Noise to Signal to create a strategy for collecting data in a unified way. Noise to Signal was then tasked with implementing this strategy using multiple Google platforms such as Firebase and Google Analytics. Today, Hope Channel can access unified reporting showing user behavior regardless of the user’s underlying platform.

Platforms: Google Firebase, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Brightcove

Hope Channel: Live Stream Analytics

Services: Analytics Strategy, Cloud Infrastructure Setup, Dashboard Creation, Python Development

Hope Channel broadcasts over 50 shows to over 25 different live stream channels, but had never been able to track viewership of their live stream shows before engaging with Noise to Signal. By leveraging Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery, and Google Data Studio, Hope Channel now has near real-time access to viewership data that can inform their broadcast schedule and programming decisions.

Platforms: Google Cloud Functions, Google BigQuery, Google DataStudio

“Working with Noise to Signal allowed us to see, for the first time, how our viewers respond to our live stream programming. We’re now able to make programming decisions based on facts rather than intuition which has had quite an impact up and down the organization.” 

Justin Woods, Director of Television and Broadcast, Hope Channel International, Inc.


Services: PPC Marketing, Conversion Optimization, User Experience Design, Analytics Analysis & Reporting

TARGIT is a leading provider of business intelligence and decision support software. Since 2015, Noise to Signal has provided TARGIT with conversion optimization, PPC, and UX services in order to improve lead volume and quality. The results? TARGIT has doubled the number of leads from paid channels while lowering the cost per lead.

Platforms: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Tag Manager, Bing Ads, Sitecore

Zaniac Learning

Services: PPC, Google Analytics Configuration and Analysis, Conversion Optimization

Zaniac Learning’s Asheville campus provides STEM learning courses to K-8 kids in order to jump-start their interest in math, science, and robotics. Since 2016, Noise to Signal has provided PPC services promoting their Summer camps and after school programs. Part of this work involved implementing e-commerce tracking to better understand ROI on ad spend. The results? 300% return on ad spend with accurate reporting across platforms.

Platforms: Google Analytics, Unbounce, Facebook Ads, AdWords

“We brought Noise to Signal in to run a Design Sprint focused on redefining a key business process. After 3 days of inspiring and insightful workshops, the team left feeling energized and eager to implement our ideas.” 

Jason Schaffer, CEO, Blue Coda

GODAN Secretariat

Services: Website design, implementation, and hosting

GODAN is leader in the global fight against hunger. In 2016, GODAN approached Noise to Signal with an urgent need to create a website for their annual Summit. The results? Noise to Signal was able to quickly turn around all services necessary to design, host, and launch GODAN’s summit website.

Platforms: WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager

Stages Learning Materials

Services: PPC Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Analytics Analysis & Reporting, HubSpot & Shopify Configuration

Stages Learning Materials produces educational products for adults and children with autism spectrum disorder. Starting in 2015, Noise to Signal began to rationalize the data flowing between Stages’ various marketing platforms. Once that data could be trusted, Noise to Signal took ownership of Stages’ PPC campaigns. The results? A 76% increase in leads generated per month and accurate reporting from each system involved.

Platforms: Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, HubSpot, Shopify

“We turn to Noise to Signal when faced with data challenges that require an expert. Their knowledge and careful explanations ensure that we’re working with digital marketing data we can trust” 

Kerri Koncious, Owner, Koncious Digital Marketing